Sweet Adeline of the Year (SAY)

Every year, Virginia Coast Chorus recognizes and celebrates the contributions of one of their own chorus members (Active or Associate) by presenting the Sweet Adeline of the Year Award.
The criteria for the award is simple: A member who, over the past fiscal year, exemplifies the Core Values of Camaraderie, Dedication, Joy and Stewardship through their leadership, contributions, and/or participations, particularly recognizing those who work behind the scenes, those “unsung heroes”. This is what the SAY award is all about.
Nominations for the award are gathered from the chorus, and the SAY's from the past five (5) years meet to choose the recipient. Past SAY's are eligible for nomination, after a 5-year period.

2024 SAY Recipient
Betty Zattiero

This year’s Sweet Adeline of the Year has been a member of Sweet Adelines
International since Feb 1996. Betty is a top-notch Bass singer and an absolute joy to be around!
 For 28 years, Barbershop singing has been an integral part of Betty's life since becoming a member of Sweet Adelines International. Betty's singing adventures began at Publik Time Chorus (later named Magic of Harmony Show Chorus) in Newport News, VA. There she spent 20 years singing alongside friends, and learned all about mastering the art of Barbershop singing. During those years, Betty was also a member of East Coast Edition Quartet, as their Bass singer. Betty loves Quartet singing (and she's quite good at it)! In 2015, Betty transferred to Virginia Coast Chorus. With her quick wit and Southern charm, it was apparent that she was the perfect addition to VCC's stellar Bass section!

Betty has been described as “a force of nature” and “the energizer bunny” and “small but mighty”! Betty meets the core values of VCC by being diligent beyond belief in getting our performance calendar back on track post Covid. She is always prepared for rehearsal. She shows compassion and concern for all VCC members. She is always ready to step up to the plate with any job she’s capable of fulfilling without complaining! She kept the chorus informed with continuous communication and she worked seamlessly with other MT members to ensure that same continuity. This is DEDICATION! 

Betty following up on tasks is legendary and displays the core value of STEWARDSHIP! Her steadfastness in securing performances so that we had income to support a working budget AND prevent increase in fair share was nothing less than incredible. She never complained, she simply worked quietly and efficiently. When there was a cancellation she quickly filled the black hole with another engagement!

Betty is full of energy with her love of singing and shares it with us. her
presence on the risers is a welcome blessing after a long work day. She greets members and
potential members with a smile and asks them how their day was. T
his is JOY!

Betty has been fostering relationships within the MT as the outreach manager. Knowing no age barrier, she helps with tasks in the chorus such as riser and admin set-up this is CAMARADARIE!

Betty has never been awarded the SAY and is in every way one of those unsung heroes! Her role on the MT has been large.  

It is the SAY Committee's distinct pleasure to present the much deserved, and long awaited, 2024 VCC SAY award to


 Congratulations to the following SAY Nominees 

Who have also exemplified the values of Camaraderie, Dedication, Joy and Stewardship this year!
                                                           Emily Christman       and        Debra Rasnick



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