Come learn new songs, meet new people, and share your voice with us!

Contact Us and join us for rehearsal!

If you are interested in joining us, call 757-389-8713, email or fill out and submit the guest profile form heremember of our leadership team will reach out with more details.

Finding our page on a Tuesday, no time for the guest profile form, no worries, we welcome you to join us for one of our rehearsals. Our current rehearsal location can be found on the main page or on the Event calendar. When you arrive we'll ask you to sing a few notes to know which voice part to place. After that, we invite you to make use of your first month after voice placement and visit as many rehearsals as possible to get to know the chorus, get a feel for our culture, and see how we work.

During rehearsals, you will be in the midst of others in your voice part, and you will have a guest book of the sheet music to follow along with. If you have joined us for a few rehearsals, and you feel like we'll be a good fit, you will receive limited member access to our website and learning tracks and sheet music to practice the audition piece(s). You will have the opportunity during rehearsals to practice your audition music. Music team members are happy to mentor you along the way.

Audition? Yes!
If after your third visit you are interested in auditioning to join the chorus, please let your section leader/guest liaison know. The audition process includes an informal practice time, and the official audition at least one week later.  These are about 15 minutes long and include singing through the audition music (sung a cappella in a quartet with the members of the Music Team). We know sometimes nerves come into play in the beginning and we are not looking for perfection; we look for potential! The music team is there to help.

With audition completed, our finance manager will assist by providing you all the information you need for applying for membership.  When accepted, you will be welcomed into the chorus and given full access to the member portion of our website.

Again, the first thing to do is reach out to us, or show up to our rehearsals. We'd LOVE to hear you!! We have lots of fun, come have fun with us!!