Cheri Danner, Performance Artistry Director
Cheri brings over 30 years of SAI membership with her to the PAD position. Cheri was the primary Director for VCC for over 20 years, before briefly retiring as VCC's Director in early 2022. We are very excited to have Cheri return to VCC,  bringing with her over 30 years of experience in music and within SAI, as well as strong leadership, creativity, and stability to the chorus.

 Bettina McDougal, Music Management Director
Bettina brings 30 years of SAI membership with her to the MMD position, as well as a strong leadership background within the Educational and Government sectors. She has served in many leadership positions with VCC's Management Team. as well. She is also our favorite Lead in Firestorm quartet. We are excited to welcome Bettina into the Music Management Director position,